Independent research shows volunteers are happier, healthier and sleep better than those who don’t volunteer. Findings on how you personally benefit from volunteering:
“It offers the chance to-

·       act on your values, passions and interests

·       make new friendships and create professional networks

·       gain work experience and learn new skills

·       enjoy new social and cultural experiences

·       develop personally and build confidence

·       enjoy better physical and mental health

·       challenge yourself in a supportive environment

·       feel warm and fuzzy about helping your community

·       have fun!”

Don’t take their word for it! Try it yourself for even a few hours a week or fortnight, and see for yourself the difference it makes to your happiness and mood!

Volunteering for U3A – Our Volunteering Co-ordinator Heather Bishop writes below from her personal experience.

The benefits I’ve received: I can vouch for all the experts say above. After living in Emerald for only two years, during which time I stepped up time given to volunteering, I find I’m now feeling like a valued part of the community! Doesn’t everyone like to feel useful? A retirement spent in the comfort of your own home sounds more enticing than it really is.

The benefits to us – the U3A: The U3A relies 100% on volunteers to operate. If there was no U3A here, the retired and semi-retired in and around Emerald would have significantly fewer choices in terms of activities tailor-made to enhance life in the 50’s and beyond.

Not only do we need people to lead groups and tutor classes, we also need people to help us meet the terms of our Licence Agreement with the Council by providing Hub Hosts. 

The benefits to our community:  If we had more hub host volunteers, it would be possible to keep the Hub doors open for longer.  The community expectations are that it’s Community Hub will be open to use! It is up to community members to make that happen, by coming out and getting involved.

What’s stopping you? Do you think the work will be boring? That’s up to you; too physically demanding for you? A job can be tailored to your capacity; beyond your technical skill level? Again, if you’re not interested in learning about technology or something else, you don’t have to.
Maybe you think you’re too busy to take on something else? Well, a couple of our hub hosts only do that job for 3hrs twice a month. That is enough to make a difference. Many hands make light work, right?

How you could help: Give Heather a call on the U3A Emerald mobile (0490 805 743) to talk about the possibilities.
If face to face suits you best, email her to set up a time to meet –
If you have an idea for a new course that you could possibly introduce, Tanya Cooke will support you through the planning and introduction stages until you’re ready to fly alone!  She takes our two Book Club groups and is U3A’s new Courses Coordinator. Contact Tanya via the U3A Emerald email –