Millie’s War – Gemco Theatre from 12th April 2024

Coming to the Gemco Theatre in Emerald – a play presented by the Gemco Players.

Use the QR code in the image below to book your seats (or go to Millie’s War )

The Play “Millie’s War” is set in the 1980s and is the story of a group of women who approach the local branch of the RSL. They are trying to get permission to join the upcoming Anzac Day Parade in an effort to bring to people’s attention, not only the sacrifices women make in wartime, but also the ongoing struggle against violence and the challenges they face in what is essentially a man’s world.The RSL members vehemently oppose this intrusion into what they see as “our day”.

Millie’s War is very much a snapshot of the 1980s and anyone with modern ‘woke’ views may find themselves offended by some of the content.