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Membership Types and Fees
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How to enrol online - in 3 easy steps
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On this page, you will find lots of information about our U3A Emerald Membership System (often called U-MAS) and how to use it to:

  • Join U3A
  • Login and select courses
  • Pay your membership fees
  • Check the courses you are enrolled in
  • Print a list of the courses you are enrolled in
  • Enrol in another course or withdraw from one
  • Update your details, for example if you move house or change email address

Plus more helpful advice about how to make the process as easy as possible!

Membership Types and Fees

Membership Type Description Fee
Full Member Full members can enrol in as as many classes as they wish (subject to availability). Includes all membership rights. $40
Member Tutor For full members who are also tutors. Includes all membership rights $40
Life Member Awarded to members who have given exceptional service to U3A Emerald for a lengthy period. Does not include AGM voting rights. $0
Honorary Member For members who do not attend any classes except the one they are volunteering to run. Does not include AGM voting rights $0
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You must be a current member before you can enrol in any courses or activities. Membership fees cover all participation in courses throughout the year.

Waiting Lists

Members are accepted into the majority of our classes in the order in which they enrol and pay their annual fee.

However, in some very popular courses, some Tutors prefer that current members have priority for a limited period. These classes will be initially set with a class size of zero, so do not be concerned if you are waitlisted for the first few days. You will receive an email once you are confirmed into the class. Our Program Manager and the relevant Tutor are likely to be in contact too. Please see our Waitlist Policy for full details of how this works.

How to enrol online – in 3 easy steps

  1. Check:

    Log in using your membership number and check that all your contact details are still correct. (If you have not previously been a member, you can join here.)

  2. Choose:

    Click the View Courses link on the left side, read the class descriptions, choose your classes, click the Confirm Selection button, then the Finalise Courses button when it appears.

  3. Pay:

    Follow the instructions to pay via PayPal (easiest and best) or print out the details and pay into our bank account.

Enrolment Assistance

If you don’t have access to the internet and email or find the thought of enrolling via computer a bit unnerving, please contact us via the U3A mobile phone number 0490 805 743 and one of our friendly Committee members will assist you.