As we begin to carefully transition back to the Hub for our meetings we are working to ensure that as many of our members as possible are able to participate and still feel safe. To that end we are going to begin a hybrid model of class involvement. As far as possible we will be simultaneously presenting our classes face to face and on Zoom video conferencing. 

If you still don’t feel safe coming to the Hub for your classes, we hope to provide you with the opportunity to join in using your home computer, laptop or tablet and Zoom. We have borrowed three laptop computers from the library for the use of tutors, or a tutor may choose to use a personal device. 

It will take us a little while to get this all working smoothly, and the move back into the Hub will be very gradual – as was our original move into the Hub. We are beginning with some of our smaller groups where the tutors feel ready to start face to face again. Our volunteer tutors are the key to the thriving community we have become. 

Keep an eye out for emails giving further information as we move forward with this. And remember to check your SPAM!