Our face-to-face courses have returned to the Hills Hub, with limited classes operating as hybrid using Zoom technology as a means of attending.

If you wish to see the 2021 program, click on the link below. You don’t need to be a financial member to view courses. Once you become a financial member, you will be able to make course selections. (Remember that if you have been a fully paid member in 2020 you are automatically a fully paid member for 2021.)

Our offering includes a wide range of classes and activities, with five new courses having been added in 2021:

  • The Beauty of our Language
  • Computing for Beginners
  • From the Cave to the Internet: How we Communicate Shapes How We Think
  • How Children Learn
  • Play Readings

For further detailsĀ visit our Course Management System page.

We are a fully volunteer-run organisation – we thrive on the valuable input, skills and knowledge of our members. If you would like to suggest a new class or activity, or volunteer to support us in any other way, please contact our Course Coordinator on or 0490 805 743.


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