Our face-to-face-courses are currently affected due to COVID 19 concerns. We are in the process of carefully transitioning back to the Hub for our meetings. As far as possible we will be simultaneously presenting our classes face to face and on Zoom video conferencing.

It will take us a little while to get this all working smoothly, and the move back into the Hub has begun but will be very gradual – as was our original move into the Hub.

However, if you wish to see our program that we hope to resume later in 2020, click on the link below. You don’t need to be a financial member to view courses. Once you become a financial member, you will be able to make course selections.¬†Our offering include a wide range of classes and activities, with six new courses being added in 2020:

  • Touring the Medieval Cities of Europe
  • Heritage, Arts and Tourism
  • Science and Civilisation
  • Towards a Sustainable World
  • Italian Intermediate 2
  • The Beauty of our Language

For further details visit our Course Management System page.

We are a fully volunteer-run organisation – we thrive on the valuable input, skills and knowledge of our members. If you would like to suggest a new class or activity, or volunteer to support us in any other way, please contact our Course Coordinator on or 0490 805 743.


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